NBA1 Night Vision Binocular

ight Vision Binocular
The NBA1 Gen II innovation type (GEN2, Plus) single Tube Night Vision Goggle for fielded with the Army.
Operation of the NBA1 is controlled of the system obtained by a three position rotary switch
One ON position operates when the goggle is mounted on its facemask, and the other when it is dismounted in a handheld position. In both On positions, an infrared light source can be activated by depressing the button in the center of the switch, and turning the knob one more position. This Light Emitting Diode provides illumination for map reading or other close range tasks.
The NBA1 operates on two commercial AA batteries. The system can be fitted with either Gen II or Gen III image intensifiers.

The NBA1 can also be fitted with a selection of magnifying objectives that convert it to a high performance night vision binocular system for handheld observation. When the system is used as a goggle, a selection of facemasks and helmet mounting options are available to meet mission requirements.


Magnification unity
Field of View 40゚
Interpupillary Adjustment 55~71 mm
Diopter Adjustment  -6~+2
Focus Range 25 mm~∞
Observation Distance 300 m (in moonlight)


18 mm Gen 2.5 Innovation type
Power Supply 2.7±0.3 V
Batteries Two AA size 1.5v alkaline
   (Able to continuously use 40 hours)
Weight W/Batteries 630 g
Operation Temperature -25~46゚C
Optional accessories 4X Magnification


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