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MOUNT, TELESCOPE:M30(T38) is used with TELESCOPE, PANORAMIC:M12A7C on GUN, HEAVY, MOTORIZED:280-mm, M65, and on LAUNGHER, ROCKET:762-mm, truck-mounted, M289, for laying the weapon in azimuth only. This mount, which is of the azimuth compensating type, is used to keep the line of sighting at a constant elevation regardless of the angle to which the ewapon is elevated or depressed. The mount has rocker that is operated by means of the longitudinal leveling worm. The actuating arm, which has pads for seating a gunner’s quadrant, is assembled in a hub mounted in the rocker an d leveling worm housing. An extension for the telescope socket of the mount is for raising the telescope when necessary for the line of sight to clear the weapon shield. This mount does not have scales or micrometers, but has an index on the cross leveling mechanism and a matching pointer on the segment. This mount does not use an angle of site mechanism. LIGHT, INSTRUMENT:M22 or M35, is used with tis mount for night operation.

differences among models

data plate location
The identification plate (nameplate) is on the housing.

ClassificationStandard B(OTCM 36845)

Limits of Operation:
Elevation..................... 640.08 mils of arc
Cross level................. 355.50 mils of arc
Cant correction.......... 213.33 mils

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