Production capacity

1.Processing items

CNC Machining, fixture design and manufacturing, lens polishing fixture design and manufacturing, optical devices assembly and calibration, metal surface optical grade polishing and grinding, spherical optical lens manufacturing, and optical prism manufacturing etc.

2.Processing scope

All kinds of mechanical metal parts manufacturing, automobile/motorcycle spare parts manufacturing, spare parts for medical equipment manufacturing, spare parts for aerospace purposes manufacturing, spare parts for electronics and telecommunication equipment manufacturing, spare parts for precision instruments manufacturing, spare parts for optical instruments manufacturing, optical lens products manufacturing, and prototyping etc.

3.Third-party manufacturer

Metal Materials company, Non-metallic materials company, Various types of mold factory, Foundry, Plastic Injection Factory, Punch processing factory, Laser / wire-cutting factory, Grinding plant, Discharge processing plant, Heat Treatment Plant, impregnation treatment plant. Blackening factory, Aluminum alloy surface treatment plant, Laser engraving plant, Sheet metal factory, Electric coating plant, Powder coating plant, Paint factory, Optical coating plant, and metal coating plant etc.

4. Machinery and equipment

Equipment Name specifications and brand Quantity Remarks

CNC milling machine (with the fourth axis)

General Turning Center


X:1100  Y:550  Z:550


High-performance Turnmill machine MAZAK INTERGEX 300Y 1

X:1100  Y:550  Z:550


CNC lathe LEADWELL LTC-10PB 2 Precision:0.001mm
CNC lathe LEADWELL CT-200 2 Precision:0.001mm
High-speed lathe YANGCNC  YAM-850 1 Precision:0.001mm
High-speed lathe Victor Taichung Machinery 1 Precision:0.001mm
Universal Milling Machine Dahlih Machinery Industry DL-GH2200 1 Precision:0.001mm
Multi-axis drilling machine HD-250PF 9  
Tapping Machine Express HDT-340 6  
Six-axis mechanical polishing machine Hocheng Optical HC-ML-606 4  
Two-axis grinding machine Hocheng Optical HC-A-202 2  
Four-axis grinding and polishing machine Meijen Machinery LP-550PO 1  
Three-measurement precision instrument Germany RENISHAW 1 Precision:0.001mm
Optical projector Germany QUADRA-CHEK200 1 Precision:0.001mm

5.CAD / CAM CNC Machining

The Manufacturing Department owns a professional CAM software company in Germany, OPENMIND CAM COMPANY. Its CNC turning software is built on top of the AUTOCAD / MDT graphics platform and, therefore, its precision for parts is greatly enhanced for those applications that require special machining methods. When it is matched up with an internal database built by this Company, it allows us to perform product development from prototype design, analysis, all the way to manufacturing at one shot.