Company Profile

Taiwei Precision Technology Co., Ltd.Taiwei Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional precision parts processing and manufacturing company. It is equipped with the most complete and advanced processing and testing equipment and staffed with experienced management and engineering teams, who can plan the most effective production method to provide customers the best quality products. Taiwei has always been customer-oriented and its quality has been well received. Taiwei was established in 1991 and was formerly known by the name of Taiwei Precision Mold Co., Ltd. Thanks to the forward-looking decision-making both in the machinery industry and the optoelectronic industry by our Chairman and the superior leadership of the current director as well as many years’ endeavor by all colleagues, Taiwei has achieved significant growth and progress both in operation and processing technology.

Lathe machining was the main business item in the early days of Taiwei. CNC lathe machines and CNC Turning Center (CNC milling machines) were introduced into the factories to cope with the demand for mass production. The National Defense Division was established in 1994 to participate in the military manufacturing market. It was awarded multiple times the accredited certification as a qualified arm manufacturer for Taiwan’s defense industry by Taiwan’s Department of Defense as well as a certificate of qualified satellite factories. Also, it invited to participate in the military industry mobilization production conversion plan, "Self-reliance 17th exercise" sponsored by Taiwan’s Department of Defense in 1996. This Company gradually transitioned to CNC milling machines as the main production force after 1995. It was awarded contracts at roughly the same time for mass production of items such as motorcycle engine hood, all kinds of auto spare parts, precision optical instruments and precision medical components, and industrial machinery and components, etc., for sales abroad and also produced various types of sophisticated military equipment and apparatus such as telescopes, Block sight, periscope, the thermal imager, and night-vision goggles at the same time. This Company formally changed its name to Taiwei Precision Technology Co., Ltd. in 2001 and also formally incorporated the optical lens as one of trading items of this Company in 2004.

Technology Innovation is the driving force for the development of Taiwei Precision Technology. Only if we can keep on innovating to keep abreast with the pace of technology can we maximize benefit for customers. Professionals are the vitality of Taiwei Precision Technology. To cultivate and retain talents retains invaluable experiences within this Company and also protects quality for customers. Taiwei insists on serving customer first. It has built a complete network of suppliers and third-party manufacturers to provide the best arrangements for the manufacturing process of customer products from upstream to down stream. In the future, we will strive to continuously improve in our professional domain areas and to become a sustainable ISO9001: 2000 quality system certificationprofessional precision machining manufacturer with international scope. We will also devote our experiences to and involve in the development of all kinds of precision parts and fixtures for manufacturing process. Not only will we strive to meet domestic demand but also to excel on the international cutting-edge technology to provide customers the most leading-edge and best quality products as well as to create a quality working environment for our employees and to fulfill the responsibility for social welfare at the same time.