Management philosophy

Responsibility, integrity, and professionalism is the attitude Taiwei takes in dealing with customer facing matters and is also the management philosophy of the company. In order to win the trust of our customers, management leads by example and demands all employees to accept this Company philosophy as the starting point of customer relationship: to adapt a responsible attitude to face all the problems concerning a product and to be able to consistently provide customers with quality products and services.

In the area of developing the R & D strategy, this Company takes into full consideration of factors such as the rapidly changing industry technology, the market competitiveness of products, the needs of customers, product life-cycle management, product development trends, the need to cultivate deeply in industry, the growth of the enterprise, and the division of labor between product and management etc. The responsible project manager will establish cross-functional and inter-departmental working groups, which consist of business, research and development, manufacturing and quality control personnel, to provide customers high quality precision products in the shortest possible time based on the needs of customers so as to gradually expand the competitive advantage of the company's products.


In the area of developing the product strategy, the project manager will organize and coordinate an overall strategy assessment and feasibility study on the related issues such as market, technology, marketing, and costs etc. They will complete the assessment report for the development so that the research and development activities for the product will mesh tightly with the product strategy.

We are committed to the integration of global resources and continuous innovation by the practice of "responsibility, honesty and professionalism" to achieve sustainable management for the enterprise. This principle is the foundation of all the research and development policies of this Company and is also deeply rooted in the hearts of all employees as a driving force to develop high-tech, high-precision, high value-added products to create an excellent profit and support the research and development projects for greater potential in the future.

Taiwei has fully differentiated itself from competitors through technology transfers, hiring both domestic and foreign scholars and experts as consultants for research and development, and collaborating with academia by the use of R&D projects etc. as well as the development and integration with the R & D personnel. Our responses to customer’s requirements of special specifications have gained us numerous customer verification and affirmations.